Summer Citrus Tablescape: Charleston Edition

When you combine the talents of three women who focus their careers on entertaining and events, you’re going to get something special. And that’s exactly what happened when Paige Minear, Caroline Frierson and your’s truly met-up in Charleston and put together one heck of a summer cocktail party. When Paige and I decided to travelContinue reading “Summer Citrus Tablescape: Charleston Edition”

Destination Delegation: A Girls’ Trip Guide to Charleston Part 2

Well, I just got back from the girls’ trip that dreams are made of. It was such a treat to spend a few glorious sunny days in the only other southern city that truly has my heart- Charleston. Not to mention, the trip fell right before the end of school for my kids, so IContinue reading “Destination Delegation: A Girls’ Trip Guide to Charleston Part 2”

Delegate the Lemonade Stand

When life gives you lemons, your children make lemonade to sell to pay for their future college education. Just kidding… kind of. It’s almost summertime in Nashville, and that means one thing for my 6-year-old daughter, lemonade stands. She LOVES making lemonade and cookies and “selling” them to anyone who walks/bikes/drives by our house. AndContinue reading “Delegate the Lemonade Stand”

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My favorite holiday of the year since having children: Mother’s Day. Just kidding. It’s not my favorite, but I do love this “holiday,” and not because I like to celebrate myself (though let’s be honest, I don’t mind doing that), but because I love celebrating my mom and all my friends who are also mothers.Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide”