Destination Delegation: My Favorite Travel Pieces- Fashion & Function

Alright friends, some of this is a repeat from my previous “luggage post,” but now that I’ve officially used all these pieces, I wanted to update my list and revisit a few things. I’m about to leave for a 10-day trip to Switzerland and Austria with the Vanderbilt Alumni Travel Program. Paul (my husband) isContinue reading “Destination Delegation: My Favorite Travel Pieces- Fashion & Function”

Delegate the Tailgate- Boujee Game-Day Decor

Go big or go home, right? Well, y’all know me, and you know I could never host a “simple” tailgate. Thankfully there are countless sources for stylish game-day decor, apparel and accessories. I had the best time searching for black and gold options (Vanderbilt University’s colors), but everything I found also comes in color optionsContinue reading “Delegate the Tailgate- Boujee Game-Day Decor”