Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving

I absolutely LOVE entertaining family for Thanksgiving, but the thought of actually cooking a meal for this holiday in particular, gives me hives. It’s not like a “casual casserole” is expected. I mean, Thanksgiving dinner is basically the Olympics for cooks all over America. HOWEVER, just because I don’t actually cook (or bake), doesn’t meanContinue reading “Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving”

Delegate with Dr. DeLozier- The Mommy Makeover

NOW LET ME CLARIFY HERE, I’m absolutely not suggesting to anyone that they should/shouldn’t get plastic surgery, nor am I’m not telling you who to use or what your exact experience will be like. This is all about MY personal experience with certain plastic surgery procedures, and that’s it… #dontsueme… kidding… kind of. Okay, wellContinue reading “Delegate with Dr. DeLozier- The Mommy Makeover”

Blue and White Fall Tablescape

Even in the fall, blue and white is always right. When I discovered the hand-painted blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins from For Pete’s Sake Pottery, I just about lost my mind. Susan, hand paints countless decor pieces, but with my mind set on fall-entertaining, I knew I had to have as many of her blueContinue reading “Blue and White Fall Tablescape”

Fall Cocktail Hour Made Easy & Elegant

Well, October is officially here, which for me, means the start of “entertaining season.” I love this time of year when there are back-to-back holidays to celebrate with family and friends. The weather finally starts cooling off in Nashville, and I really look forward to entertaining outdoors again. It’s time to pull out the fallContinue reading “Fall Cocktail Hour Made Easy & Elegant”