Easy Entertaining: Southern Baked Ham & Swiss Sliders

As previously mentioned in my other recipe posts, please don’t get used to me posting recipes. It really goes against everything I “stand for” on here (ha)- aka, delegating just about everything possible when entertaining. However, these “Ham and Swiss Sliders” are just as easy to make as my other recipes, so I’ll let themContinue reading “Easy Entertaining: Southern Baked Ham & Swiss Sliders”

Delegate the Bar: Batch Cocktail Holiday Margaritas

Well, here I am again, sharing a RECIPE with y’all, which I really thought would never happen on my blog. However, the recipes I’ve started to share are about as easy to follow as it gets, and they serve a very important purpose when entertaining. That purpose is to offer delicious food/beverages that please aContinue reading “Delegate the Bar: Batch Cocktail Holiday Margaritas”

Delegate the Holidays – Cookie Swap Party

So what do you do when you almost never bake, but you want to host a holiday cook-exchange party? Well, first, you call your fabulous designer friend, Julie Couch (of Julie Couch Interiors) to co-host the party with you. Then, you call a great local bakery to take care of your personal cookie order becauseContinue reading “Delegate the Holidays – Cookie Swap Party”