This Party’s On Fire

I will try and restrain myself from using too many “on fire” jokes in this post when referring to the firetruck-themed birthday party I just hosted, but I can’t make any promises. If you’re like me, you probably seriously stress over making sure you include all the “perfect details” for your child’s birthday parties. Well,Continue reading “This Party’s On Fire”

Destination Delegation: A Girls’ Trip Guide to Charleston

Well it took me about two full days to recover from my two-day trip to Charleston with some of my best girlfriends. That should tell you something about our incredible trip to one of my favorite cities in the south. Let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard thatContinue reading “Destination Delegation: A Girls’ Trip Guide to Charleston”

The Perfect Two-Pour Summer Cocktail

Here’s the deal- I love a good summer cocktail, but I don’t love a complicated recipe. And by “complicated,” I mean basically anything over two ingredients. This is why wine is usually my go-to beverage of choice, but sometimes I do want something fruity with a little more kick (and by “kick,” I mean strongerContinue reading “The Perfect Two-Pour Summer Cocktail”

House Tour: The Playroom

Six years ago, when our then family of three moved back to Nashville, we said we’d never leave the house we had just purchased. However, just over a year later, we heard about a house that was coming on the market on one of our favorite streets in the whole city. It’s the kind ofContinue reading “House Tour: The Playroom”

Yellow Everything

I used to be scared of the color yellow. Now, I find myself almost always gravitating to it when looking for flowers, linens or other decor items. It’s a no-brainer for summer parties, but I also love using it for early-fall entertaining. While I was procrastinating writing this post and spending way too much moneyContinue reading “Yellow Everything”

Piece-of-Cake Picnic

Well, this is real-life “starter blogging” at its best. I clearly didn’t get my 4th of July picnic post up by the actual 4th, but I still wanted to share resources of where I found everything, since for me, red, white and blue is timeless. This applies to clothing and décor. Not to mention, manyContinue reading “Piece-of-Cake Picnic”

Seaside Styles

Lilly Pulitzer UPF 50+ Sunny Rashguard Lilly Pulitzer Cruise Skirted Bikini Bottom Lilly Pulitzer Salsa Ruffled Bandeau Bikini Top Lilly Pulitzer Cruise Skirted Bikini Bottom Lilly Pulitzer UPF 50+ Livia Bikini Lilly Pulitzer UPF 50+ Girls Joni Swimsuit Anthropologie Americana Textured Striped Dress Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Racer Back Tank Top Lilly Pulitzer Kelsey Skirt OliphantContinue reading “Seaside Styles”

Destination Delegation: A Vacationer’s Guide to Watercolor & Seaside Florida

If you live in Nashville, you’ve probably at least heard about the Panhandle of Florida and the countless communities there, where we southerners migrate to for beach vacations. Just 7 hours in the car or one quick 45-minute direct flight (thank you Southwest), and you will find yourself on miles and miles of the prettiestContinue reading “Destination Delegation: A Vacationer’s Guide to Watercolor & Seaside Florida”

Getting Your Summer (Rat)TAN On

Summer entertaining brings to mind several materials that embody outdoor dining, one of those being rattan. I love everything rattan from furniture to dinnerware, and it’s become very popular, so there are plenty of places to find reasonably priced pieces. As you know, we’re all about making entertaining as stress-free and simple as possible aroundContinue reading “Getting Your Summer (Rat)TAN On”

Spring Tablescape with Fete Nashville

Pull out your parasol and crumpets, because today’s post is so southern and “old-fashioned- chic” you just might swoon. If Scarlet O’Hara was alive (and real) today, I’m pretty sure she’d be proud to dine at this table. This is why I love living in the south ya’ll. Chinoiserie and toile are alive and well,Continue reading “Spring Tablescape with Fete Nashville”