Delegate Design – Expert Q&A with Minnette Jackson Interiors

Our Expert Q&A series continues with interior designer Minnette Jackson (Instagram: @MinnetteJacksonInteriors). Minnette is based in Houston but has strong Nashville ties: she went to Vanderbilt and started her design career in Music City (click here for a peek of her fabulous home in Belle Meade). She’s wonderfully talented and helped me with many spaces in our old house, including the dining and living room. Minnette’s interiors are all about classicContinue reading “Delegate Design – Expert Q&A with Minnette Jackson Interiors”

Delegate the Mess – Expert Q&A With The Neat Method Nashville

Well, this pandemic is raging on and we’re spending more time at home than we ever thought possible. Luckily, Holly Trepka of Nashville’s NEAT Method is next in our Expert Q&A series (note that NEAT Method has locations all over the US and Canada). She’s a home organization genius and full of ideas for whippingContinue reading “Delegate the Mess – Expert Q&A With The Neat Method Nashville”

Delegating Dinner – Mary’s Favorite Dishes To-Go

We all know I don’t cook, so it makes sense that I have an arsenal of carryout options in heavy rotation. Lately I’ve relied on these even more than usual as we’ve been stuck at home, and I reached the end of my rope with dishes somewhere around April 1. Of course, I’m still Mrs.Continue reading “Delegating Dinner – Mary’s Favorite Dishes To-Go”

Delegate the Holidays – The 4th of July 2020

While a big BBQ isn’t possible this year, we can still celebrate Independence Day in style. With a pre-set color palette and naturally casual vibe, the 4th of July is the perfect opportunity for easy, intimate entertaining. As always, there’s no need to build a party from scratch. For this gathering, I relied heavily onContinue reading “Delegate the Holidays – The 4th of July 2020”

Delegate to the Experts – Q&A With Cheese Gal (Formerly Nashville Cheese Gal)

One of the things we’ve missed most during quarantine is collaborating in-person with our favorite experts. Whether we’re styling an event, decorating a room, or sprucing up our wardrobe, two (or three or four!) heads are always better than one, and we’ve had the good fortune to work with many fabulous women whose creativity strengthensContinue reading “Delegate to the Experts – Q&A With Cheese Gal (Formerly Nashville Cheese Gal)”

Delegate Gift Giving – Father’s Day with Onward Reserve

*Thank you Onward Reserve for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions and ideas are entirely my own * Father’s Day is around the corner, and this year I want to show my husband and dad some extra love. Like every family, we’ve had to work hard together to adapt to all of the Covid-imposed changes in ourContinue reading “Delegate Gift Giving – Father’s Day with Onward Reserve”

Delegate Graduation Parties – Quarantine Edition

Just like everything else right now, graduation parties and celebrations are going to look very different for most people this year due to the quarantines. This milestone is such an important event to celebrate, and it’s frustrating and sad for many graduates and their families who cannot get together with everyone they might like toContinue reading “Delegate Graduation Parties – Quarantine Edition”

Dress to the “Decor” – Quarantine Addition

Listen, just because I’m living in pajamas all day, it doesn’t mean I can’t look fashionable. I just feel better spending day after day in my home in stylish pajamas. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pink (though these all come in other colors and patterns) boujee pajamas from my favorite sleepwear brands.Continue reading “Dress to the “Decor” – Quarantine Addition”

Delegate “Dining Out” – Blue and White Boujee Picnic

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been taking my kids to eat outside every sunny day we get here in Nashville. With the quarantine still in full force, we all need a break and some fresh air around lunchtime. So, I’ve been packing up our lunch and walking with the kids to our neighborhoodContinue reading “Delegate “Dining Out” – Blue and White Boujee Picnic”

Delegate Gifting- Mother’s Day

Well this is going to be one heck of a Mother’s Day. Some days it feels like the world is ending with everything going on related to Covid-19, thus this Mother’s Day brings along a lot of unexpected feelings. I’ve felt more pressure as a mom than I have in years, as it’s been aContinue reading “Delegate Gifting- Mother’s Day”