Breakfast in Bed for Mom: Keep it Simple and Sweet


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I clearly love wearing matching outfits with my 5-year-old daughter. She loves to match as much as I do, but I know it’s short-lived, so I’m taking full-advantage of it while I can. Our latest find is the mommy-and-me matching pajamas from the Beaufort Bonnet Company. They’re SUPER soft, and one of the mommy options in the “Grove Park Garden” print is this romper (which is what I’m wearing), and my daughter is in the “Sweet Dream Set” in the same print. My daughter thinks it’s so much fun to wear these together, and I have to agree. This stage of life with her is so sweet, and I will cherish these pictures of us together forever. I also love the romper because whether or not it’s actually appropriate, I personally feel that I can get away with walking to the mailbox in it without totally freaking out a neighbor.


As for an actual breakfast in bed, let’s be real, it’s totally the thought that counts. I love the idea of allowing your kids to help cook breakfast for mom on Mother’s Day, but to keep things easy (remember, I’m not into over-complicating things), I suggest simplicity. Donuts or bagels, fruit, juice, coffee, etc., are all easy to put together and don’t dirty up every dish in the kitchen or risk burnt food or worse, burnt fingers. This is actually one of the few times a year I allow myself to truly indulge in donuts for breakfast, so it’s a win-win for everyone. The emergence of gourmet donut and gourmet bagel shops out there has made it even more fun, and my kids have the best time going with their dad to select from all the amazing options. The donuts you see us chowing down here are from Five Daughter’s Bakery, and to call them “donuts” doesn’t begin to do them justice. They are scrumptious mini iced-cakes, and they are the most delicious things you will ever taste. The bakery has three locations in Nashville, but they also have a food truck in Seaside, Florida, which is genius, since who doesn’t want a donut on vacation??



As you can see from our darling breakfast in bed tray, everything else is very easy to assemble and doesn’t require a lot of pre-planning or cooking. I also included the most darling catch-all/jewelry bowl from Susan Gorman Pottery. She offers a variety of bowls, dishes and even jewelry that are very reasonably priced and make beautiful gifts. This heart-shaped dish with “mom” painted inside was too perfect for Mother’s Day to pass up.

Not too much fuss y’all. Leave the “crafting” to the kids while at school, because I guarantee they will make you something for Mother’s Day there. No need to bring glitter and hot-glue out for this holiday… just some donuts and coffee.


Photography by Lele Fain Photography


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