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I’ve decided that when “partying” with my girlfriends, I equally love lounging in pajamas as much as I enjoy glamming it up. There’s a time and place for both, and this “high and low balance” is what I most enjoy. I have just as much fun hanging with my friends barefoot in stretchy yoga pants as much as I do going out with them to a black-tie gala or cocktail party. So when I saw the new Sugar and Cloth Shop paper tabletop goodies, I knew I wanted to set-up a very casual (but stylish) brunch. A breakfast or brunch-time event is just about the easiest and most affordable time to host an event. You don’t need much (if any) alcohol, plus you don’t have to serve as much food as you would during the dinner hours. I love day-time events for kids and adults, and it’s easy to keep them casual if that’s what you want.


My stylish and uber fun neighbor Stefanie lives just 3 houses away, and I’ve often taken my kids to play at her house in our pajamas. And with all the pajama options out there that basically look like day-clothes, I mean, why not host a brunch where you come in pj’s and drink mimosas with your gal pals? So, Stef and our darling (pregnant) friend Jacklene, all put on our Lake Pajamas (yes, Stef and I are matching) and got together for bubbles and brunch. Let’s not forget our Birdies, which are bedroom slippers that can be worn outside. Not sure I’d get away with wearing the PJ’s to pick up my kids from school, but I’ve worn my Birdies out and about just like any other pair of shoes I own. Anyway, one of the best things about this whole get-together is that it also works great for kids. Minus the mimosas of course.


For the paper goods, I used one of my new favorite vendors that you purchase through Amazon, called Sugar and Cloth (they have their own Amazon shop page). They offer modern paper plates, napkins, flatware and glassware that’s all stylish but disposable. The mint color could also be used for a “Mint To Be” bridal shower or a gender-neutral baby shower. Their prices are great, and I was very satisfied with their look and durability.

Here is my super simple (yet very satisfying) brunch menu (that you don’t have to cook):
⁃       Donuts: I suggest buying donut holes or mini donuts as they are much easier to eat
⁃       Chik-Fil-A mini chicken biscuits: Again, something easy to eat, affordable and salty to balance out all the sugar from the donuts. You should pre-order these from your local Chik-Fil-A, so they are ready for you at pick-up if you’re serving a larger group.
⁃       Breakfast Casserole/Quiche: If you live in Nashville, The Picnic Cafe in Belle Meade offers the best pre-made sausage, egg and cheese casserole. They give you the already scrambled eggs in a separate container when you pick up the casserole, which you add to the casserole mixture prior to baking it. I always pick mine up the day before I need it and keep it all in the fridge until I’m ready to bake it (it takes 45 minutes to bake). If you don’t live in Nashville, Whole Foods offers fantastic breakfast quiches in their pre-made food section that you simply warm up in the oven before serving. A breakfast quiche or casserole is a filling option for your guests, so you don’t have to offer a ton of other options. Easy as pie y’all… or quiche.


For the “Mimosa Bar,” there’s no reason to go crazy here. Keep things simple and easy for your guests to serve themselves. I like offering orange juice, grapefruit juice, champagne and just a few pre-cut fruit options as a garnish. Let’s be honest, for those who like mimosas, it’s more about the booze than the juice. I found the best stemless, disposable champs glasses on Amazon that you can trash after use. They are sturdy with a gold rim so they’re fancy yet practical.

I feel like that should be one of my new mottos around here: “Fancy but Practical”… Happy brunching y’all!


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