Delegate the Kids’ Table – Tips from my IG Live with Kacie Barnes of Mama Knows Nutrition

I had such a fun morning yesterday with Kacie of Mama Knows Nutrition. I joined her for an IG Live where we talked about keeping kids entertained, fed, and under control at holiday gatherings (small though they may be in 2020). Below I’ve consolidated the resources we discussed for creating the perfect children’s table. MyContinue reading “Delegate the Kids’ Table – Tips from my IG Live with Kacie Barnes of Mama Knows Nutrition”

Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving

I absolutely LOVE entertaining family for Thanksgiving, but the thought of actually cooking the meal gives me hives. It’s not like a casual casserole will do…Thanksgiving dinner is basically the Olympics of cooking. HOWEVER, just because I don’t actually cook or bake doesn’t mean I can’t provide (aka order) a traditional Thanksgiving feast. There areContinue reading “Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving”

Delegate Fall Florals, Nashville Edition

It’s finally fall, y’all! Like everyone, I adore this time of year, especially the decorating. Of course that means pumpkins and mums for my porch, but I also love to bring the colors and feel of autumn to every room inside my house. The easiest way to do that is with flowers, and while IContinue reading “Delegate Fall Florals, Nashville Edition”

Delegate Dinner – Oyster Edition

Let me start out here with total honesty- I’m not an oyster fan. However, just about everyone I know enjoys them, and since we’re on the cusp of “oyster season,” I decided to share the resources that my nearest and dearest have shared with me. After all, I’m all about “delegating dinner” and with theContinue reading “Delegate Dinner – Oyster Edition”

Delegating Dinner – Mary’s Favorite Dishes To-Go

We all know I don’t cook, so it makes sense that I have an arsenal of carryout options in heavy rotation. Lately I’ve relied on these even more than usual as we’ve been stuck at home, and I reached the end of my rope with dishes somewhere around April 1. Of course, I’m still Mrs.Continue reading “Delegating Dinner – Mary’s Favorite Dishes To-Go”

Delegate Graduation Parties – Quarantine Edition

Just like everything else right now, graduation parties and celebrations are going to look very different for most people this year due to the quarantines. This milestone is such an important event to celebrate, and it’s frustrating and sad for many graduates and their families who cannot get together with everyone they might like toContinue reading “Delegate Graduation Parties – Quarantine Edition”

Delegate “Dining Out” – Blue and White Boujee Picnic

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been taking my kids to eat outside every sunny day we get here in Nashville. With the quarantine still in full force, we all need a break and some fresh air around lunchtime. So, I’ve been packing up our lunch and walking with the kids to our neighborhoodContinue reading “Delegate “Dining Out” – Blue and White Boujee Picnic”

Delegate the Decor – Tortoise Shell with Blue & White

I’m rounding out my summer entertaining tabletop picks with a combination of blue, white and tortoise shell. I’ve always loved tortoise shell, whether it’s used as decor for the home, table or a personal accessory like a hair clip. I love how the brown adds depth when combined with blue and white, and I thinkContinue reading “Delegate the Decor – Tortoise Shell with Blue & White”

Delegate the Decor – Blue & Green Summer Tabletop

Even though we aren’t hosting any guests for dinner these days due to the quarantine, I’ve decided I still want to set pretty tables for my family every now and then to enjoy. Many of my favorite entertaining pieces are currently are sale, and I’ve linked them all for you below. Whether it’s a tableContinue reading “Delegate the Decor – Blue & Green Summer Tabletop”

Delegate the Details: Blue & White Outdoor-Friendly Tabletop

Y’all know I’m a huge fan of blue and white decor. So, while locked-away in quarantine, I decided to pull together some of my favorite tabletop items that are blue & white and (even better) currently on sale. Everything is unbreakable (aka melamine or wicker), so it’s perfect for outdoor entertaining. Hopefully by this summer,Continue reading “Delegate the Details: Blue & White Outdoor-Friendly Tabletop”