Style The Perfect Bar

Thank you to Home with Hechart for sponsoring this post (paid partnership). Holiday parties are in full swing and I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the best way to set up a bar that’s both functional and beautiful. To help me out, I turned to Home with Hechart, one of my favorite homeContinue reading “Style The Perfect Bar”

Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving

I absolutely LOVE entertaining family for Thanksgiving, but the thought of actually cooking the meal gives me hives. It’s not like a casual casserole will do…Thanksgiving dinner is basically the Olympics of cooking. HOWEVER, just because I don’t actually cook or bake doesn’t mean I can’t provide (aka order) a traditional Thanksgiving feast. There areContinue reading “Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving”

Host the Ultimate Bridal/Baby Shower

I always get a lot of questions about hosting events, but people seem to be most curious about baby and bridal showers. I totally get it – these events can be a mine field! Games or no games? How do I manage all the co-hostesses? And of course, how do I choose decor? Well, wonderContinue reading “Host the Ultimate Bridal/Baby Shower”

The Ultimate Hostess Gift Guide

*This post includes some affiliate links which means I earn a small commission from purchases made through them* Since we’re talking all things “guest” this week (see my guest bedroom refresh here), it seems like the perfect time to share my ultimate list of hostess gift ideas. A few months ago, I asked y’all whatContinue reading “The Ultimate Hostess Gift Guide”

Delegate the (Guest Room) Décor: Tips and Tricks for the Hostess with the Mostess

*This post includes affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from purchases made through them* My guest bedroom refresh is finally done (décor resources below) and to celebrate, I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for hosting overnight guests in your home. It’s a different ballgame than simply having people over for dinner,Continue reading “Delegate the (Guest Room) Décor: Tips and Tricks for the Hostess with the Mostess”

Carson’s 10 Commandments: Packing Tips and Strategies

Stylist extraordinaire Carson Love is my fairy godmother of fashion (read our previous Q&A here), and one of my favorite services she offers is packing clients for trips. We’re lucky enough to be heading out of town for July 4th, and Carson swung by last week to help me pull clothes and get organized. I’mContinue reading “Carson’s 10 Commandments: Packing Tips and Strategies”

Summer Camp Resources

*Image courtesy of Simply Celebrate* This will be Georgia’s inaugural summer at sleepaway camp, and as a first-time “camp mom,” I want to thank everyone who sent me the must-know websites for gear, etc. In doing my own research I’ve also found that many of my go-to “delegating resources” offer fantastic camp supplies: stationery, careContinue reading “Summer Camp Resources”

Delegate the Wedding Registry – Tabletop Guide

Engagement season officially ended on Valentine’s Day, which means that wedding season is rapidly approaching. When I “polled the audience” in December, I was blown away by the number of y’all who want information about all things wedding related – tips on registering, planning the big day, throwing a shower, etc. Well, ask and youContinue reading “Delegate the Wedding Registry – Tabletop Guide”

Delegate the Details – A Floral Fete with Friends

Spring is almost upon us, and I’m definitely looking forward to a fresh start with this new season of entertaining. We will hopefully be celebrating life together in larger groups soon, but for now, we’re keeping things intimate for this ladies floral arranging fete. For this shoot, I teamed up again with my friend theContinue reading “Delegate the Details – A Floral Fete with Friends”

Delegate the Kids’ Table – Tips from my IG Live with Kacie Barnes of Mama Knows Nutrition

I had such a fun morning yesterday with Kacie of Mama Knows Nutrition. I joined her for an IG Live where we talked about keeping kids entertained, fed, and under control at holiday gatherings (small though they may be in 2020). Below I’ve consolidated the resources we discussed for creating the perfect children’s table. MyContinue reading “Delegate the Kids’ Table – Tips from my IG Live with Kacie Barnes of Mama Knows Nutrition”