Delegate Gifting- Hostess with the Mostest

So what do you get your friends who are excellent hosts? If you’re attending a holiday party at someone’s home this season, there’s a good chance you need something more than just a bottle of wine if you want to impress. Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered with my list of “better than basic” hostessContinue reading “Delegate Gifting- Hostess with the Mostest”

Delegate Gifting- Teachers

‘Tis the season y’all! Time to whip out those wallets, and start purchasing gifts for friends, family, co-workers, teachers, etc. And this year, to help you “delegate gifting,” I’m making it a little easier for you to find the perfect gift for a few of those people. And I don’t know about y’all, but I don’tContinue reading “Delegate Gifting- Teachers”

Delegate Back to School Gifts

Well, it’s officially that time of year again when all the moms and dads out there celebrate their “second new year”. That’s right, it’s BACK TO SHOOL for the kiddos! And while we’re all sad for summer to end, meaning no more splashing in pools, cooking out and lazy mornings, we’re equally excited to haveContinue reading “Delegate Back to School Gifts”

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My favorite holiday of the year since having children: Mother’s Day. Just kidding. It’s not my favorite, but I do love this “holiday,” and not because I like to celebrate myself (though let’s be honest, I don’t mind doing that), but because I love celebrating my mom and all my friends who are also mothers.Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide”

Delegating Mother’s Day Gift Guides

Gifting is my love language. And I’m pretty sure most moms agree that a gift on Mother’s Day is always welcome and enjoyed no matter how big or small it is. One common theme you’ll notice amongst my guides is that I don’t suggest anything that requires additional “work.” Meaning, there are no cooking tools,Continue reading “Delegating Mother’s Day Gift Guides”