Delegate the Decor with Lindsey Meyer Art

This year is winding down (praise be!), and as I look ahead to 2021 content, home decor is definitely something I plan to feature more since it always seems to resonate so well. While I’m usually the first to suggest “delegating” to an interior designer/decorator, when it comes to art and rugs, I admit thatContinue reading “Delegate the Decor with Lindsey Meyer Art”

Delegate the Laundry

Laundry. The bane of our adult existence- especially once we have kids. I never really understood why adults or parents were complaining about laundry all the time. When I was a young female out on my own, it seemed like such an easy and simple thing to do. It never got under my skin. However,Continue reading “Delegate the Laundry”

House Tour: The Playroom

Six years ago, when our then family of three moved back to Nashville, we said we’d never leave the house we had just purchased. However, just over a year later, we heard about a house that was coming on the market on one of our favorite streets in the whole city. It’s the kind ofContinue reading “House Tour: The Playroom”