Carson’s 10 Commandments: Packing Tips and Strategies

Stylist extraordinaire Carson Love is my fairy godmother of fashion (read our previous Q&A here), and one of my favorite services she offers is packing clients for trips. We’re lucky enough to be heading out of town for July 4th, and Carson swung by last week to help me pull clothes and get organized. I’mContinue reading “Carson’s 10 Commandments: Packing Tips and Strategies”

Dress to the “Decor” – Quarantine Addition

Listen, just because I’m living in pajamas all day, it doesn’t mean I can’t look fashionable. I just feel better spending day after day in my home in stylish pajamas. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pink (though these all come in other colors and patterns) boujee pajamas from my favorite sleepwear brands.Continue reading “Dress to the “Decor” – Quarantine Addition”

Dress to the Decor – Valentine’s Day

I love thinking about Valentine’s Day this time of year, since it’s typically super cold and grey outside, and everything Valentine’s Day is cheerful and colorful! Here are my top picks for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s something to relax in or throw on for date night. It’s all things happy and hearts! Listed Clockwise StartingContinue reading “Dress to the Decor – Valentine’s Day”

Dress to the Decor – Holiday Bows

What southern woman doesn’t love a good bow? At least not one that I know. I’m completely obsessed with bows, and this is the perfect time of year to really break them out in full force. I’m talking about earrings, hair accessories, shoes, tops, dresses, EVERYTHING. After all- they are everywhere around us right now,Continue reading “Dress to the Decor – Holiday Bows”

Dress to the Decor – Holiday Cheer

I love a good “dress to the decor” moment, and there’s no easier time of year to do so than the holidays! I decided to focus all my “fashion posts” around holiday parties as that’s my focus here on MSS. There are countless options for attire, and of course they are all based on whatContinue reading “Dress to the Decor – Holiday Cheer”

Dress to the Decor: Game Day Attire

Team Earrings 2. Team Earrings 3. The Game Day Collection Earrings 4. Game Day Collection Bracelet 5. Spirit Tassels 6. Haute Hostess Collegiate Apron 7. It’s My Party Game Day Dress 8. Game Day Collection Dress 9. Women’s Retro Stripe Sweater 10. Stadium Bagpack 11. Clear Mini Mingle Bag 12. Black Solid Sneakers 13. PointedContinue reading “Dress to the Decor: Game Day Attire”

Dress to the Decor: Palm Beach & Lilly Pulitzer Edition

When I confirmed my trip to Palm Beach for “work,” I immediately headed to my local Lilly Pulitzer store at the mall in Green Hills and tried on just about everything (not kidding). I was living my best life having a private fashion show (with myself) in a dressing room with the words “Palm Beach”Continue reading “Dress to the Decor: Palm Beach & Lilly Pulitzer Edition”

Delegate to a Stylist: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

If you’re like me, for some reason the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is super exciting but equally stressful. And while my focus isn’t fashion, clothes certainly are a large part of entertaining and knowing what to wear to any event is definitely something I enjoy covering. So, for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, I decidedContinue reading “Delegate to a Stylist: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019”

Dress to the Decor: Valentine’s Day Edition

I used to hate Valentine’s Day, but I’ve definitely come around. Even when I had a boyfriend/husband, it wasn’t a holiday I could ever really get into. However, after having kids, and of course adjusting my ridiculous expectations for the day, I’ve become a huge fan. I love all the children’s school parties, the all-girl get-togethersContinue reading “Dress to the Decor: Valentine’s Day Edition”