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Well, it’s officially that time of year again when all the moms and dads out there celebrate their “second new year”. That’s right, it’s BACK TO SHOOL for the kiddos! And while we’re all sad for summer to end, meaning no more splashing in pools, cooking out and lazy mornings, we’re equally excited to have our routines back and kids out of the house. And I don’t know about you, but I love starting off the school year with a small “little happy” for my kids’ new teachers. I mean, you bring a gift to a housewarming party, so why not bring a gift to your child’s new classroom as well?!? Plus, nothing says “please love my child the most” like a thoughtful gift brought on the first day of school- ha!

Now y’all know me, and I’m all about delegating, and thankfully Amy of A Splash of Simple is the gift-giving master. Amy is based in Nashville, and is uber-creative when it comes to thoughtful and affordable gifts for all of life’s special moments and events. She can make anything from a giant welcome basket to a small “thinking of you” gift. I’ve used her over the past year for all the gifts my children gave to their teachers, and I love how creative and useful her gifts are. Currently, she doesn’t ship (meaning you can only order from her directly if you live in the Nashville area), however, for this collaboration, she was kind enough to come up with ideas that can VERY easily be recreated. That’s right- she did all the research and brain-storming and is passing her ideas for content and packaging along to you for free.

Below are the easy and affordable back-to-school teachers’ gifts that she put together. If you live in Nashville, and are like me, and still want to pay Amy to make these for you for  local pick-up, then that’s an option too. You can also email her about custom ideas for this or anything else you need a gift for, and she will be happy to work with you! The best way to reach her is by emailing her at: Happy gifting y’all!

Option 1: First Day of School Survival Kit (Mason Jars from Target or Michael’s)


Option 2: Foldable Tote Bag

Option 3: Easy Popcorn and Soda Gift


Option 4: Cute Fish Cosmetic Bag 


Option 5: All -Yellow “Happy Bag”


Option 6: Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass


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