Delegate Dinner – Oyster Edition

Let me start out here with total honesty- I’m not an oyster fan. However, just about everyone I know enjoys them, and since we’re on the cusp of “oyster season,” I decided to share the resources that my nearest and dearest have shared with me. After all, I’m all about “delegating dinner” and with the companies I’ve listed below, you can have fresh and delicious oysters delivered right to your door! And if you live in Nashville, I’ve included the best spots in town to find them. With life as it is, I love the idea of treating yourself to something special every now and then, and this seems like a fabulous way to “indulge” if you’re an oyster fan.

Options for Fresh Oyster Delivery/Shipment:

  • Vital Choice– This is a sustainable and organic/wild option with many seafood offerings, but apparently the oysters are fantastic
  • Island Creek Oysters– Harvested daily in Maine and shipped overnight fresh to your door.
  • Matunuck Oyster Bar– This recommendation comes from true oyster lovers and New England natives, so my guess is that it’s a winner!

Options for Local (Nashville) Oyster Finds:

  • Henrietta Red– Within this Germantown hotspot, oysters are raw, wood-roasted, and fried. From your seat at the marble-topped raw bar, watch shuckers shuck premium oysters that hail from the East, West and Gulf Coasts.
  • The Marsh House– Located at the base of the swanky Thompson Hotel, you can get specialty oysters on the half shell for lunch and dinner, and they have great happy hour deals- one even includes a Chambong!
  • The Southern Steak and Oyster– Located off of Broadway next to the river, raw oysters are shucked to order, and when you can add a side of fried green tomatoes, you know you’ve found a good spot!

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