Delegate Gifting – Sassy Gifts for Girlfriends, Moms & More

This one is for the girls! I love this gift guide because it’s fun but practical (who doesn’t need key finder or emergency phone charger), and it’s for all the sassy women out there who are busy with life and enjoy a good laugh. Many of these items would work well for a “white elephant” gift exchange as well as for your mom or over-21-year-old daughter… Happy shopping y’all!Gift Guide- Sassy Girlfriend Picks

  1. If you’re going to carry pepper spray, it might as well be “blinged-out,” right?! This BLINGSTING Pepper Spray Keychain would be a great gift for a teen or college student as well. You can never be too safe, and this way, your pepper spray looks good too!
  2. You’ve heard me talk about (and maybe seen me use it- ha) this Chambong is the ONLY bong you should ever use. It’s AMAZING, and the cheekiest gift for the hostess-with-the-mostest.
  3. Who doesn’t want/need a bedazzled Bling Microphone? This one allows you to connect with your music so that you can sing right along like the diva singer you are!
  4. I love this Massive Wine Glass. It’s huge, and hilarious, band if you’re not using it as a giant personal wine glass (it holds all the wine from a full bottle at one time), you could always fill it with corks or gift it to someone with a nice bottle of wine INSIDE of it- ha!
  5. If you’re like me, you’re constantly misplacing your car keys. This Orbit Key Finder is the solution to the problem of losing your keys, and will beep to help you locate them when lost.
  6. The staple accessory for any “closet confessions” is this boujee Luxury Shower Cap is comfortable, stylish and perfect for keeping your hair dry when taking a shower. Practical and fun!
  7. These hilarious Elf Drinking Buddies, hang from your glass to keep them from getting mixed up, but most importantly they are hot, men dressed in nothing but shorts…
  8. We all love the children’s book, but this spoof called “Where the Wild Moms Are,” is spot on and a great gift for any mom out there no matter what age!
  9. Another fun gift for the gal who loves to sing, this Bluetooth Shower Speaker makes any shower a party. Great gifts often come in small packages, and this is a good example of that!
  10. Say how you feel. I use this style of tumbler all the time, and I love the phrase on this one, “You Are Gold Baby, Solid Gold.” It’s an even better gift with a Starbuck’s card included!
  11. There are so may cups and napkins out there with fun, witty phrases, but this is one of my favorites. I love disposable anything, and this holiday styrofoam cup that says,”The Tree Isn’t The Only Thing Getting Lit This Year” makes for one sassy holiday gift.
  12. If you’re like me, you phone and computer are always on low-battery mode, even though I feel like I charge them all day and night. This “Always at 1% Tech Kit,” is perfect for the gal-on-the-go who needs a charger with her at all times!
  13. Another great gift for the gal-on-the-go in your life who likes to be prepared, this “Glitter Bomb Shemergency Kit,” has all the essentials for a “female emergency.” From deodorant towelettes, mending kids, nail clippers, dental floss, tweezers to bandaids, it’s got you covered with the basics!

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