Delegate the Decor – Beachy Vibes in Nashville

It’s been rainy and chilly in Nashville lately and I’m dreaming of lazy days at the beach. Luckily, my last photoshoot included this fantastic take on a beachside dinner that brings ALL the sunny vibes. While we’re counting down the days until summer vacation (almost there!), I’m relying on this table to help me drift away. If these linens don’t scream “ocean,” I don’t know what does. In fact, let’s start there…

I fell in love with No One Alike because her marbled linens are just so unique. The artist, Kim Padula, has such a great eye for color and really uses the full rainbow in her creations. Of course, blue has my heart and everything in the Amazing Grace collection really transported me to Watercolor, one of my favorite places. I asked Kim if I could borrow the tablecloth, napkins, and coordinating tapers for this shoot, and she very kindly obliged. With these pieces as my base, I built out my beach vision from there.

I wanted a sophisticated take on the beach theme, and since the linens are such a statement, I kept everything else fairly neutral in color. For the record, I didn’t purchase anything but the “florals” for this vignette. I preach all the time about using what you have, and was delighted to root around my house and come up with some clever new pairings for the things in my collection. You can see a lot of this décor here…proof that I follow my own “reuse” mantra!

I love the rattan and bamboo on this table because they play into that outdoor, natural vibe and introduce earthy textures to the scene. The color also makes me think of sand, and after all, we ARE transporting ourselves (at least mentally) to the beach! The sea urchin motifs do a similar job in imparting an organic texture and design inspiration. These little guys are actually “vase filler” from Pottery Barn (sadly, no longer available) but I had fun challenging myself to use them in different ways. With the help of a little Play-Doh, they become fantastic candlesticks, and they also make the perfect mini “vases” for my baby succulents. Proof that with a little creativity, a lot of things around your home can serve multiple functions.

I echoed that classic sea urchin “pattern” (rounded stripes) in my choice of glassware (repurposed from my Valentine’s table) and also in the vases (borrowed from a friend). When it came to florals, I went with a selection of pampas and dune grass to echo all of the earthiness on the table. It’s unexpected, chic, and the color mimics the rattan and bamboo. There’s a lot going on here, so these “unifier” moments are important to maintain harmony between everything on the table. As for the succulents and the mini pineapples (!!!!!!), I just thought they were fun (more texture!) and really liked the pop of green.

Since this was very much an exercise in raiding my tabletop supply, not everything I used is still available (though some is). To help you recreate this scene at home, I’ve selected some items that are very similar or identical to what you see here (these are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from any purchase made through them). There are a million ways to use each piece: votives can be mini vases, shells and rocks can be piled into clear containers for a centerpiece OR scattered down the middle of your table to evoke an oceanside stroll. The sky’s the limit and of course remember to take a look in your own cupboards – you never know what you forgot you already own!

*All photos by Lele Fain Photography*

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