Delegate the Decor with Lindsey Meyer Art

This year is winding down (praise be!), and as I look ahead to 2021 content, home decor is definitely something I plan to feature more since it always seems to resonate so well. While I’m usually the first to suggest “delegating” to an interior designer/decorator, when it comes to art and rugs, I admit that I like to shop alone. Selecting art is so personal, and I’m constantly searching for new talent and pieces I like, regardless of what’s “on trend.” I try to take my time and wait until I find the perfect piece for a space, something I really enjoy looking at every day. Our new home is more modern/transitional than my previous house, and it’s been fun to mix and match my traditional style with contemporary pieces. Today, I want to share more about my entryway. The foyer is the first glimpse into our house, so I definitely wanted pieces that truly reflect our home decor. I’ve been working on it for the last few months and the finishing touch is my new Turkish Oushak rug. It just arrived and I love it so much that I couldn’t wait until the new year to share it with y’all. Dallas-based artist Lindsey Meyer is the genius behind this beauty, and I’m so excited to tell you more about her work.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lindsey for years; we met in Dallas while I was living there before moving back to Nashville. I’ve watched her career grow and evolve, and she’s one of my favorite artists out there. I purchased my first piece of art from her several years ago and it’s still one of my most treasured pieces. I think she is truly brilliant with color, so when I found out she started designing and selling Oushak rugs, I was ecstatic. I love Oushak rugs, but I didn’t want something really traditional or muted for the entry hall. To that end, Lindsey worked with me to perfect the rug size and color scheme that reflects the rest of our home. The rug is the perfect blend of classic style with a modern twist, and features my favorite colors, blue and green. I also love its durability; the entry is a high-traffic area, and since we have a new puppy, it’s important that we can easily clean the rug (which we can). I love pieces that look amazing and are also very practical for everyday life!

Lindsey is one of those women who’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and it’s been a true joy to know her and work with her over the years. I’m a big fan of supporting small businesses, especially those that are female-owned. If you’re in the market for a painting, print, or rug, I highly recommend checking out her website, as I personally love her offerings. Her made-to-offer rugs do take some time to come in, but they are totally worth the wait. I’ve linked my rug here (you select your own size), but keep checking in with her on instagram and online, as she often sells in-stock pieces as well. Lindsey continues to expand her collection of prints and paintings, as well, and I’m sure there I’ll end up purchasing another one of her pieces for the house sooner than later. Happy shopping friends!

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