Delegate the Decor with Party Hat Paper Co. and Mallory Ervin

Y’all know by now that I love a good “party in a box.” So when I had the chance to work with Party Hat Paper Co. to create my very own CUSTOM party box, I jumped on the opportunity. Without ever needing to leave my house or spend hours searching online, I was able to pick out party décor based on the theme I wanted, and then they sourced everything and shipped it directly to my door. This is what delegation truly looks like my friends, and I was so excited with the outcome that I decided to team-up with my fabulous friend Mallory Ervin and give away one of the kits to one of YOU! See my Instagram post and stories for more on how to enter the giveaway.


The theme I chose was a “Prosecco and Pizza Party.” I love the idea of a party that simply requires pizza and prosecco in addition to some snazzy decorations. I chose purple and gold to change up what I’ve been using color-wise lately, and they sent me some ideas to approve before finalizing the items that they sent me. They also offer party packages that are already curated if you’re not looking for something custom. I’ve used one of their pre-made kits for a tailgate party that was a huge hit during football season!


You can of course also customize the quantities of everything you need so that you aren’t over-buying or buying way too much stuff. There are now many “party-in-a-box” companies out there, but they don’t all offer décor with the same level of taste that Party Hat Paper Co. does. They also don’t all offer custom party boxes. Basically, your wish/theme is their desire. Want a ballerina/dinosaur birthday party for your set of twins? Just email the team at Party Hat Paper Co., and they will work with your specific ideas and themes to send you the chicest version of your event. Can you tell that we’re excited about it!?!


You could totally get away with just serving pizza, but I decided to add a bit more food, since more is always more in my book, especially with food. But again, you know me, and it’s not like I spent any time in the kitchen making something myself. Thankfully, my newest obsession, Gather to Graze, the ultimate source in Nashville for over-the-top grazing boards, was available to make the most incredible cheese/charcuterie/fruit board.  Jess Williams is a stylist extraordinaire when it comes to this, and she usually creates massive displays that can serve crowds of people. However, for our party she made the perfect size for the 6 of us, and let me tell you, not a piece of cheese was left when we got done with it!


The cupcakes, prosecco and flatbread pizza are all from Whole Foods, and everything looks and tastes gourmet without me having to bake a thing or go to three different shops to source it. With this kind of party, I love that almost everything is disposable so that clean-up is a snap and you don’t break the bank trying to decorate. I can’t tell you how many hours I spend online or how many stores I go to when pulling together an event. This is one-stop-shopping that will make it look like you put in hours of time designing and putting together your party, when in reality Party Hat Paper Co. does most of the work for you. It’s delegation at its finest people, and I hope you’ll give them a try!


To give you an idea of what comes in one of the Party Hat Paper Co. boxes, here’s a look at what came with my custom-created “Pizza & Prosecco Party”:

1- Purple Sequined Tablecloth, 10 Large Paper Plates, 10 Small Paper Plates, 8 Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses, 10- Gold Forks, Knives and Spoons, Tissue Paper Garland, Paper Fan Backdrop Decor (can be styles numerous ways), 2 Extra Large Purple Balloons, 1- Mylar Pizza Balloon, 1- Mylar Champagne Glass Balloon, 1- Mylar Champagne Bottle Balloon with 30- Mini Balloons (to also be used as a backdrop or for additional decor)

All photos by Lele Fain Photography


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