Delegate the Graduation Party – For the Gents

One of the most popular questions I’ve had this spring is, “what do I do for my son’s graduation party?” My 3 year-old-son’s birthday party themes are endless and easy to create, but I can only imagine how difficult it is to come up with creative ideas for a high-school boy (that don’t embarrass him- ha). However, I think I’ve got a few ideas that might help. Below are some graduation party themes, that I would personally use for my son’s graduation (tears just thinking about it), so I hope you enjoy them as well!

Crawfish Boil

Venue: Home

Party Supplies: Party Hat Paper Co. “Crawfish Party Box”

Screenshot 2019-04-21 15.35.37

Music: Bluegrass Band (Live) or Playlist on Speakers

Food: Catered Crawfish Boil

  • If you live in Nashville here are some caterers that will come to your home and prepare everything you need for a “proper” crawfish boil!

Bros Cajun Cuisine

Louisiana Seafood Company


Golf Par-Tee at Topgolf

Venue: Topgolf

  • You can rent out as many hitting bays as you want/need, and they also have larger private spaces with hitting bays and televisions if you have a very large group.

Party Supplies: A Party Made Perfect “Golf Par-Tee Box”

Screenshot 2019-04-21 15.50.15

Music: N/A: Topgolf has background music!

Food: N/A

  • You can have a pre-set menu that they will set-up as a buffet or you can just let guests order whatever they want from the menu, and then pick up the tab at the end


School Spirit Tailgate Party

Venue: Home

Party Supplies: Party Hat Paper Co. “Game Time Party in a Box”

* I would use this party kit to cover your basics, and then add in balloons and other décor from whatever University your graduate will be attending

Screenshot 2019-04-21 15.53.58

Music: Top 40 Playlist on Speakers

Food: “Stadium Food,” and I love the idea of using a food truck that provides hamburgers or hot dogs!

  • If you live in Nashville, here are some food trucks/caterers to use:

Daddy’s Dogs

The Brother’s Burger


“Embrace the Classics” Graduation Party

Venue: Home

Party Supplies: Shop Celebrated “Graduation Party Box”

Screenshot 2019-04-21 16.02.18 

Music: Top 40 Playlist Playlist on Speakers

Food: Food Trucks

*I still love the use of food trucks for this event as it’s easy, and there is virtually no clean-up involved. To me, you could hire something like Cousins Maine Lobster or The Grilled Cheeserie, which have locations in multiple cities. You don’t have to have one particular kind of food, so go with whatever your grad loves best!

  • If you live in Nashville, I love the addition of the Retro Sno truck that serves the BEST old-fashioned snow cones that anyone of any age will enjoy!
*All images featured are from their respective websites*

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