Delegate the Holidays – “Disposable” Halloween Party Table

The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on all holiday plans this year, so we continue to pivot and make the most of what’s allowed. To my kids’ great disappointment, we made the executive decision not to trick-or-treat. However, I promised them a fun evening in their costumes, so we’re planning to host a small gathering of friends and family at our home. All the kids are invited to wear their costumes, and the adults are asked to bring a bag of candy and the alcohol of their choice – who said the adults can’t have fun on Halloween, too?!? We’re going to set up games like Jenga and sack races in the yard for the kids so they can “win” their candy this year (and hopefully burn off some energy in the process, so that bedtime won’t be a disaster). As for the party setup, I plan to order a bunch of “boujee” pizzas for the adults, regular pizzas for the kids, and any and all Halloween sweets I can find from Whole Foods. We’re keeping things easy this year with food since the focus is really on the costumes and candy. What I’m not skimping on, however, is the table decor. I decided to mix up all of my Halloween-themed party finds this year, and the best part is that most of it’s disposable, recyclable, or reusable. At least this way, once the party’s over, the cleanup won’t “scare me to death”- ha!

I planned out the table starting with the “Boo Y’all” collection from Sophistiplate. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a big fan of all Sophistiplate’s offerings since their tabletop items are chic and also disposable. You can’t find better-looking plastic flatware out there, and I love the black pieces I used here. The table runner and placemats are recyclable and from Hester & Cook. The cups and straws are plastic, and I picked them up from Michael’s for half-off full price, along with the spider web cake stand, skeleton arm serving pieces, and skeleton hand candy bowl. A full list of everything I used is listed below. I hope each of you has a fun and safe Halloween, and let’s pray things are “back to normal” this time next year!


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