Delegate the Tailgate: Part 1

1. Barrington Gifts Westport Wine Tote  2. Smathers & BransonNeedlepoint Can Cooler  3. Sophistiplate Plastic Flatware 4. Home Expressions Paper Plates 5. Home Expressions Paper Napkins 6. Emily McCarthy Cheers Acrylic Drink Bucket 7. Frosted Football Tailgating Cups 8. Football Tailgate Clean-Up Kit 9. Football Field Treat Cups 10. Football Popcorn Boxes 11. Football Cupcake Picks 12. Football Treat Stand 13. Black and White Tassel Garland

Tailgating is now a sport of its own. Thankfully, we’ve taken things “up a notch” over the years, and there’s a true art to hosting a tailgate. I’m sure you’ve seen the over-the-top tents and mobile lounges that now exist, and while I’m all about “more is more,” if you’re like me, then you fall somewhere in-between a cooler in the back of a pick-up and a luxury bar-b-que on wheels with two built-in TV’s and a bar. I love the idea of a “boujee tailgate,” but my set-up also needs to be easy to bring in and dismantle, since there are usually children involved or we actually want to go watch the game at some point. Thus, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite football themed items that are school-specific as well as generic. Many of these items are very affordable, and since they aren’t all in school colors, they can be used for NFL games as well. I love mixing items that are more of an investment, like the Barrington Bag Wine Tote, which I also use all year round with items that can be trashed immediately after use, like the paper plates and napkins. This way you aren’t having to lug around a ton of stuff and you’re only investing in items that you can use on a regular basis. Again, everything here that is school/color specific, can be selected in different colors so that it works for your school. Happy hosting friends!

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