Delegate to a Stylist: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

If you’re like me, for some reason the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is super exciting but equally stressful. And while my focus isn’t fashion, clothes certainly are a large part of entertaining and knowing what to wear to any event is definitely something I enjoy covering. So, for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, I decided to “practice what I preach” and send my friend and amazing personal stylist (and wardrobe consultant) Carson Love, to shop for me. This is the first time I’ve tried anything like this, and it was such a success, that it certainly won’t be the last.

Carson is a wonderful person with the most positive attitude and spirit, not to mention she’s very talented at her job. Buying clothes for clients is just a piece of what she does, and because she’s worked with me before (editing and organizing my closet and helping me style outfits and pack for trips), she was kind enough to “take on” the sale for me. I love the Nordstrom sale because you can really get amazing deals on just about everything you need for the upcoming fall and winter season. Some years are definitely better than others, but regardless of what they offer each year, it’s all very overwhelming for me. I get bogged down in all the options, and I never really know what will work together or how to mix and match things so that I’m getting the “biggest bang for my buck.” So why not let a professional step-in and help? After all, delegating things I can’t do well to those who can is everything I promote on this blog.

With all this said, Carson kindly agreed to shop the sale early for me and style complete outfits using pieces that are a mix of high and low costs, are all great quality and will also work for various activities and events this fall and winter (football games to dinner parties). Let me tell you- she did not disappoint. However, I do want to point out that she was limited to style what was available in our local Nordstrom store, which is located in the Green Hills Mall in Nashville, TN. I’m sure there would be many more things she would pull from online, but these are all items she touched and had direct access to for the sale. I’m not sure that I could handle anything else to be quite honest- ha! Anyway, here are some of her favorite pieces styled as outfits for you to enjoy and shop yourself. If nothing else, this gives you a glimpse of what someone like Carson can do for you and why it’s worth delegating to a professional… Happy shopping friends!

NSale Look 1:


NSale Look 2:


NSale Look 3:


NSale Look 4:


NSale Look 5:


NSale Look 6:


NSale Look 7:


NSale Look 8:


NSale Look 9:


NSale Look 10:


NSale Look 11:


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