Delegating Mother’s Day Gift Guides

Gifting is my love language. And I’m pretty sure most moms agree that a gift on Mother’s Day is always welcome and enjoyed no matter how big or small it is. One common theme you’ll notice amongst my guides is that I don’t suggest anything that requires additional “work.” Meaning, there are no cooking tools, cleaning tools (why these are ever presented as gifts is beyond me) or yard/gardening tools. I know many people love to garden and cook, but again, that’s not really what we focus on here at Mrs. Southern Social. I tend to delegate those tasks to others as much as possible. I also stay away from suggesting clothing, shoes or anything that’s too specific to taste or knowing someone else’s size. What you WILL find here, are gifts that encourage leisure and pleasure and are all under $150. In the words of “Maria,” these are a few of my favorite things… for mom.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Bathtime Bliss

Bathtime Bliss: 1. Bamboo Bathtime Caddy 2. Aerin Jasmine Veil Candle 3. Fresh Sugar Lemon Sugarbath 4. Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Honey Bath

Mother's Day Gift Guide Rest and Relax

Rest and Relax: 5. Foam Bed Wedge Pillow 6. Slip Silk Pillowcase 7. Silk Eye Mask and Neck Wrap Set 8. Tea Kettle

Mother's Day Gift Guide #StillGotIt

#StillGotIt: 9. Momtail 10. Wine Freeze Cooling Cups 11. Micro Bluetooth Speaker 12. Seriously Badass Mother’s Day Card 

Mother's Day Gift Guide Mom Boss

Mom Boss: 13. Sweet Caroline Designs Planner (New Planners Launch May 1st) 14. Commute Clutch 15. Hustle Notepad 16. Phone Charging Bracelet 

Mother's Day Gift Guide Proper Paper

Paper Please: 17. Ginger Jar Notepad 18. Blue and White Notecard 19. Custom Calligraphy Address Stamp 20. Compliment Postcards

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