Delegating with Dough: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Class

You hopefully know by now that I don’t cook, bake or anything close to it. However, when Paige Minear invited me to the inaugural biscuit making class at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit in Atlanta, I put my “hot little biscuit” in the car and headed to Georgia.

My mom has been buying frozen Callie’s Biscuits and Cheese Crisps for me for years from a local market, and they are both delicious. I knew there was a Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit store in Charleston, but I didn’t know they opened a location in Atlanta. The whole “make your own biscuits from scratch” thing isn’t my usual cup of tea. However, Paige and I just finished the best Easter collaboration together, and I was excited to see her again- this time in her city. And if nothing else, I knew I’d be heading home with a cooler full of frozen biscuits to heat up later.

The Charleston shop is tiny (darling of course), but the Atlanta store is much larger and in an uber-fun and trendy neighborhood. Paige was asked to host the first of what turned into a series of private classes, where you learn to make Callie’s biscuits with the founder and owner, Carrie Morey. This, of course, was very cool, as we all got to hear about the history of the company and why Carrie loves making biscuits.

I’ll be honest, I was completely fascinated by what turns out to be a much simpler process than imagined, where the ingredients are key and baking is relatively easy. Our group had the best time pairing off and making our own classic buttered biscuits, while drinking wine and eating anything and everything as it came out of the ovens.

I of course packed my favorite sequined apron from Haute Hostess and brought Paige one too. They aren’t super functional, but they are super fun, and I wear mine all the time when I have people over for dinner. They work better to wear when eating instead of when baking, so we tried them out while eating plates of biscuits with honey, jam and pimento cheese, since we HAD to try it all.

Carrie doesn’t hide her recipes, but is actually proud and happy to share them so that everyone can experience baking her biscuits from scratch. Her fabulous-looking cookbook is called, “Callie’s Biscuits and Southern Traditions.” Making biscuits from scratch is apparently a “must” if you’re going to call yourself a southern woman. Thankfully, I can say that I’ve done it, could probably do it again, but will most likely continue to order them frozen and shipped directly to my door. Oh, and don’t forget- you can order all her jams, pimento cheese and other amazing foods as well. You can even buy their various party packs which come with everything you need for the perfect brunch, cocktail hour and more.

I’m clearly a huge fan of the food, and now that I’ve met Carrie in person, I’m even more excited to support a southern female entrepreneur buy purchasing her goodies. Their foods make the best gifts, and if you haven’t tried them out, I highly recommend you start with the original biscuits and go from there. Happy eating y’all!

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