Destination Delegation: A Girls’ Trip Guide to Charleston Part 2

Well, I just got back from the girls’ trip that dreams are made of. It was such a treat to spend a few glorious sunny days in the only other southern city that truly has my heart- Charleston. Not to mention, the trip fell right before the end of school for my kids, so I got in one last moms-only getaway before summertime with the kids. The last all-girls’ trip I took to Charleston was no business and all pleasure, but this trip was a bit of work and play, so I left the city this time with both wonderful memories as well as amazing content/images to share.


I recently collaborated with Paige Minear on an Easter tabletop shoot, and we had so much fun working together that we wanted to immediately start planning our next project. But before we got into any of the specifics, we received the invitation of a lifetime to visit Patricia Altschul (who you may know from the TV show “Southern Charm”). Patricia is the ULTIMATE southern woman and hostess with the mostest. She follows Paige on Instagram, and apparently, she saw the picture we posted together from an event Paige hosted in Atlanta (Callie’s Biscuit Class- read all about that post HERE). Anyway, Patricia reached out and invited us both to visit her in Charleston and tour her incredible home. We were of course swooning over the invitation, and immediately said yes and started planning our trip Charleston.


Since Paige and I would be together again in Charleston, we decided we should also use the opportunity to set-up our next tablescape and highlight the whole trip, since clearly, it was going to be amazing. We also decided to pull in a few other amazing creatives to help us out, all of who we met at the Southern C Summit (a conference we all attended earlier in the year). The “team” we ended up with was Krystine Edwards, Caroline Frierson of Sweet Caroline Designs and Andrea Kinnear. It was the ultimate DREAM team of creative women, and we may now even take our “show on the road,” and create inspirational gatherings all over the country… Now wouldn’t that be fun!


I’m going to get into the tablescape and cocktail party we put together in the next post, but for now I wanted to chat a bit about where we stayed, ate, and a few other highlights from the trip. You may not know this, but I’ve got a “Girls’ Trip Travel Guide to Charleston” already on the blog. Sooo, I decided to simply update it for you because these are all great options in my opinion for a gals’ getaway. I of course tried out new things this time around, the biggest of which was staying in Mt. Pleasant instead of directly downtown. Read all about my guide HERE, and I do hope you make it to Charleston one day if you haven’t already. It’s a pretty dreamy place to visit!

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