Destination Delegation: My Favorite Travel Pieces- Fashion & Function

Alright friends, some of this is a repeat from my previous “luggage post,” but now that I’ve officially used all these pieces, I wanted to update my list and revisit a few things. I’m about to leave for a 10-day trip to Switzerland and Austria with the Vanderbilt Alumni Travel Program. Paul (my husband) is a Vandy alum (I attended TCU). We’re traveling with 6 other couples, including his parents who are also Vanderbilt alumni (which is a requirement in order to travel through their program). We’ve taken a trip overseas through this program before, and it’s fantastic. Everything is pre-planned for you, and your group is accompanied by professors from the university who specialize in the history of the cities you’re visiting. Thus, you get an in-depth guide through the museums and all the places you visit. The hotels and transportation were very nice on the last trip we took (to Holland and Belgium), and I’m really looking forward to visiting all the various towns, cities and countries we’re experiencing this time we’re abroad.

I’ll post a separate “what to wear” post very soon, but for now, I wanted to touch on my travel pieces and why I selected these items.

#1, the Ostrich Pillow Go, is a MUST. I first found this through another blogger I follow, and I ordered it prior to having a long-distance trip planned. It wraps around your neck and provides great head support so that you can sleep without reclining. Now, to be totally honest, I’m flying business class to Zurich, so I do get to sleep fully reclined, but I’m still taking this neck pillow because we will be traveling by bus on may occasions between cities, and I know I will want to take a nap while sitting up. I LOVE this thing.

#2, The Truffle Clarity Jetset Case. This is something you need for travel by plane anywhere you’re going whether near or far. I use it for my makeup, which I always keep in my carry-on bag. The case is see-through, so it goes through security with ease, and it’s structured enough to keep from getting squashed in your bag, thus protecting all your makeup inside. It’s also chic-looking and easy to clean. Love that.

#3, My Calpak Faux Leather Travel Wallet. I love this travel wallet because it’s a great size for travel documents (they don’t get squashed), and it offers lots of places to keep cash and cards. It comes in multiple color options, and they all come with two detachable straps- one is short and furry (which of course I love), and one is long and works for cross-body, thus it can double as a purse. The price-point is great too. Overall, an A+ in my book.

#4, the Calpak Trunk Serious Luggage. This can be purchased as a set or individually, and I love not only the look of the suitcase, but its durability. Calpak is a great brand that offers many coordinating luggage options, which for me, is important, because I like everything to match. Their hard-case suitcase options are all very lightweight and have spinner wheels with an adjustable handle- all the things you want in a high-quality suitcase without spending hundreds of dollars on one piece. I think their price-point is great for what you get, and I’ve enjoying all three sized I own in this suitcase. This is the medium size, which fits the travel requirements I have for this trip. I need something with lots of space, that doesn’t weigh much, since I’ll be cramming as much as I can in this bag for my 10-day trip!

#5, the ‘Caroline’ Travel Jewelry Case. I also travel with my jewelry in my carry-on, so I need something small, organized and sturdy enough to protect my jewelry. I don’t usually travel with expensive jewelry, but I still don’t want anything damaged or tangled-up when I arrive. This is the perfect size travel jewelry case with lots of storage options.

#6, the Slipsilk Pure Silk Sleep Mask. You never know how dark the curtains or shades will be in your hotels, so I always travel with my silk sleep mask. Silk is important to help keep wrinkles away and to protect your lashes and eyebrows. It’s worth the extra bit of money to get a nice sleep mask over a cheap one. Trust me.

#7, the Weekend Travel Tote by Bois. I just discovered this tote, as it is literally the perfect carry-on second bag when traveling. We’re allowed one checked suitcase (of a certain size) on this trip along with a second smaller bag (of a certain size), and this travel tote fits the bill. It has a bottom compartment for shoes (it’s way larger than I thought, and I may be able to get 4 pairs of flats in it), along with a spacious upper compartment that expands when you open it for easy accessibility. There’s even a padded sleeve inside for your laptop and/or iPad, and a pocket on the outside so that you can slide the handle of your rolling suitcase through it- making the tote stackable. I plan to have mine monogrammed after my trip, and I will no doubt be using this all the time when I travel as a lot of items can fit inside, which is great, especially if your checked-bag get’s lost and you’re left with just what’s inside this tote!

#8, the Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase. This pillowcase is a must if you have fine hair like me, and want to wake up with hair that’s ready to go a second day after washing. This pillow helps reduce wrinkles, keeps hair looking fresh, and also guarantees that you like, no love, your pillowcase no matter where you’re staying abroad. Worth the money as this can be used at home daily as well. I love mine.

#9, The Ostrich Pillow Light Travel Pillow. This very soft, but sturdy “eye pillow” is great for travel, and combined with the neck pillow (see above), you’re guaranteed a little shut-eye even when sitting up straight. I will probably use one and Paul the other when we’re on buses traveling around the country, but this is also great for the plan when sleeping, (even without the neck pillow), because it reduces sounds a lot as well (it covers your ears and eyes). It helps “turn down the volume,” which is great, when you don’t know how loud your hotel might be or when you want to get some sleep on a noisy plane or bus.

There you have it y’all! Who says function and fashion can’t go hand-in-hand. I think all of these items are stylish and actually very user-friendly (and budget friendly for what you get), when it comes to traveling. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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