Dress to the Decor: Game Day Attire

  1. Team Earrings 2. Team Earrings 3. The Game Day Collection Earrings 4. Game Day Collection Bracelet 5. Spirit Tassels 6. Haute Hostess Collegiate Apron 7. It’s My Party Game Day Dress 8. Game Day Collection Dress 9. Women’s Retro Stripe Sweater 10. Stadium Bagpack 11. Clear Mini Mingle Bag 12. Black Solid Sneakers 13. Pointed Toe Flats

Are you ready for some football?! Well, I sure am. For me, college football means so many things: the official start of fall, a great excuse to get together with friends, and the nostalgia of my own college days (at TCU). Tailgating and Game Day mean yummy food (and beverages), festive attire and enjoying time with others as you share a common bond- the love of football. It’s just plain fun, is what it is! And in the South we like to look our best at tailgates (those of your from schools like Ole Miss know what I’m talking about), so I’ve put together a guide of where to find those “extra” pieces of attire and accessories. There’s no excuse for school spirit to look frumpy and basic anymore. From the acrylic and tassel earrings to the sequined collegiate aprons, I’ve got you covered. And while everything you see here is black and gold for Vanderbilt (my husband’s alma mater, and where we tailgate every week), everything you see here comes in an assortment of colors and options so you can find your own university’s colors. Of course there are a million places to shop for “ordinary” game day attire, but y’all know I’m not going to share anything ordinary or something that isn’t great quality. Many of these items can be worn for numerous occasions and not just for tailgating, which is why I love them. And if you don’t see your size online at the moment, don’t worry, as several of the vendors will restock soon, so just check back throughout the season. Happy shopping, and GO TEAM!

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