Dress to the Decor – Holiday Bows

What southern woman doesn’t love a good bow? At least not one that I know. I’m completely obsessed with bows, and this is the perfect time of year to really break them out in full force. I’m talking about earrings, hair accessories, shoes, tops, dresses, EVERYTHING. After all- they are everywhere around us right now, from wreaths to pretty-wrapped packages. Thus, I decided that one of my “Dress to the Decor” posts should feature bows, and I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for this holiday season here. Enjoy y’all!Dress to the Decor- Holiday Bows

  1. I absolutely love Boden, and I featured a few sweaters from this British brand on my “Holiday Cheer” post found here. These stunning Metallic Flats come in three color options, and they’re stylish, fun AND comfortable. #winning
  2. Rebecca De Ravenel made a BOW Earring exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue this year, and I am into it. I love all her earring collections, but this may be my favorite pair yet.
  3. I bought this Trina Turk Dress a few weeks ago, and I’m SO excited to wear it to holiday parties this year. It’s a classic piece that’s easy to wear because it’s not too tight and it’s fully lined. I give this one five stars!
  4. Team RLN does not disappoint with their party collection, and one of my favorites this year is the Acrylic Glitter Bow. Festive as food if you ask me. My pair is on its way to me right now, and I’m so excited!
  5. Diamonds are a girls best friend, and so are bows, and this pair of Crystal Bow Drop Earrings delivers them both, but at a “normal price point” (they aren’t real of course, but they ARE super fun).
  6. The perfect holiday clutch at a reasonable price- This Velvet Bow Clutch is everything.
  7. Glitter AND bows- need I say more? Thank you Talbots for creating the perfect Sequin Bow Mule for holiday parties this year!
  8. When I first saw Mockneck Red Lace Top I thought it might be too much red, but it’s not. I bought it last week, and it will be a staple for me this winter. I love that I can wear it with jeans or black pants depending on where I’m going, but the lace and bow combo is very pretty and very flattering in person. It also comes with the red cami underneath, so no need to worry about that!
  9. This is the boujee-iest of all bow hair accessories out there and is a show-stopper in my opinion. The Mignonne Gavigan Crystal Barrett is a splurge, but such a pretty one, right?!
  10. If lace isn’t your thing, try this Pretty but Simple Top with bow shoulder details. It’s understated festive… if there is such a thing- ha!
  11. Another Fun Flat, but this one is “extra” since it’s a loafer with polka dots AND a velvet bow. It’s also offered at a great price point!
  12. This Saloni Skirt is my favorite thing on this post. I love that it’s velvet. I love that there are bows. And I love that the bows are crystal. It’s the holiday skirt dreams are made of, and it’s a splurge, but it’s a good one.
  13. I’m a big fan of Frances Valentine, and her holiday collection was just released. These Red Pumps with Black Grosgrain Ribbon are stunning, and I just received my pair, and they are uber-comfortable as well. I will be wearing these pumps to every holiday party I attend this year!
  14. If you prefer more understated jewelry, then check out this pair of Gold Bow and Pearl Earrings. These are still festive, but not huge statement earrings. Perfect for more formal occasions!
  15. Last pair of flats, I swear- ha! I love these Black Velvet Slingbacks with Bows. They remind me of ballet shoes and they might be just the perfect pair to wear to the Nutcraker ballet this year!
  16. There are a lot of bow hairband options out there right now, but as a grown woman, I can only have a certain size bow on my head. This Satin Bow Headband is great because it’s not too big and not too small… It’s juuuuuuust right.
  17. I love Elizabeth Wilson Design’s holiday collection so much! I just oozes holiday spirit. This Plaid Maxi Skirt is so southern and fun, and I cannot wait to wear mine out to my first holiday event this year!
  18. Plaid, bows AND bling. These Pumps from JCrew are full of holiday style.
  19. Sometimes all you need is to add a Little Black Velvet Bow Barrette… here it is.

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