Dress to the “Decor” – Quarantine Addition

Listen, just because I’m living in pajamas all day, it doesn’t mean I can’t look fashionable. I just feel better spending day after day in my home in stylish pajamas. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pink (though these all come in other colors and patterns) boujee pajamas from my favorite sleepwear brands. I own almost all of these, so I can tell you that they are high-quality and comfortable. And many are on sale that don’t normally go on sale, so take advantage for yourself or for mom, if you still need to snag a Mother’s Day gift. Happy boujee lounging friends!

  1. Daily Sleeper Party Pajama Set with Feathers in Pink
  2. Petite Plume Women’s English Rose Floral Pajama Set
  3. Petite Plume English Rose Traditional Eye Mask
  4. Petite Plume Women’s Juliette Slipper in Antique Rose Suede with Pom
  5. Roller Rabbit Hearts Pajamas
  6. Lake Pajamas Pima Pajama Set in Mulberry
  7. Petite Plume Women’s Pink Seersucker Pajama Set
  8. SLIP Silk Scrunchie Set
  9. Birdies The Songbird in Rose Crystal Velvet
  10. J.Crew Short Sleeve Cotton Pajama Set in Pink Microfloral

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