Holiday Gift Guide 2021, Part 2

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This list covers gifts for him, gifts for kiddos, and ideas for experience-based gifts instead of things. Don’t forget to take a look at Part 1 of the gift guide, because many of the “Edible Gifts” listed there would be great for the men in your life, as well (Part 1 also covers gifts for her + clients/colleagues/stocking stuffers). I hope this is as helpful for y’all as it was fun to put together. Happy shopping!


BIGGER GIFTS FOR HIM For bigger items, I like splitting the cost among siblings, cousins, etc. so the recipient gets one really nice gift (vs. several smaller things).


EXPERIENCES In the age of Marie Kondo, we’re all trying to cut down on the “stuff” in our lives. Maybe the best gift isn’t a thing, but a wonderful experience that results in a new skill, interest, or cherished memory.

  • Museum membership
  • Tickets to a sporting event, play, musical, or opera
  • A fabulous class: cooking, baking, calligraphy, gardening 
  • Take your mom/sister/BFF/daughter for a spa day: massages, a fabulous lunch, etc.
  • Staycation at a hotel – order champagne and fabulous room service and watch your favorite movies
  • SoundWaves if you’re in the TN area
  • Take kids on an adventure-filled day with all of their favorite things: an amusement park they love, favorite restaurants, Sky Zone, iFLY Skydiving (don’t worry, it’s simulated indoors!), the zoo or aquarium…basically you’re doing a version of Yes Day
  • Gift certificate to favorite/super-special restaurant (I know, I know – some people don’t like to give gift cards but I think that treating people to a fabulous dinner is always appreciated)
  • Golf lessons, tennis lessons, fly fishing lessons (easier to find than you’d think!)
  • An afternoon of skeet shooting
  • Donation to a charity that’s meaningful to the recipient

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