Lake Austin Spa & The Commodore Perry

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to stay at two fabulous properties in Austin – Lake Austin Spa and the Commodore Perry. Since our travel content is so popular, I’ve been looking forward to sharing my thoughts on both, especially since we have so many Texans in the Mrs. Southern Social community! I focus pretty exclusively on the hotels here, but we’ll be following up with an Austin travel guide that dives into restaurants and attractions. Stay tuned!


The Bottom Line: I cannot wait to go back! Think of this as the ultimate wellness retreat with gorgeous accommodations (the rooms have a chic, bohemian vibe). It’s the perfect way to reset; everything is centered around fantastic workout classes, hiking, and water activities as well as an unbelievable spa and clean, delicious food. I went with Paul and we had a wonderful time, but Lake Austin is really made for a girls’ getaway (I’d say it was about 90% women when we were there). We saw a lot of mother/daughter groups as well as girls’ trips. I’m planning a return trip with my mom.

What To Do: There are so many activities that the resort has schedulers to help plan your day. We loved the cardio classes (Paul even did a sword fighting class) and tried unique things like water bikes. I love that everything is designed for a very active stay, but it’s all so fun you don’t feel like you’re working out all day (even though you often are). Of course they offer hiking for all levels, paddle boarding, water sports, and much, much more.

The spa is INCREDIBLE and absolutely stunning. It has its own, separate pool and I definitely recommend eating lunch there one day. Note that all meals are included as are many of the classes and activities (though not all). You pay separately for spa treatments as well as any alcohol you order. (Don’t worry, this is not a “dry” experience! There are bars everywhere.)

Logistics: One of the things I love about Lake Austin Spa is the convenience – it’s only about 20 minutes from the Austin airport so there’s no need to rent a car. We never left the property and it’s easy to uber to/from the airport (or hire a car service if you’d prefer).

When To Go: You’ll get better rates in the summertime because it’s hot and off season. We didn’t mind the heat, but of course it would be ideal in fall or spring (just more expensive). We were there for 4 full days and it was perfect – the experience is made for a long weekend.


The Bottom Line: This is a stunningly gorgeous property and a fantastic hotel option if you’re in the Austin area. Paul and I went for a little romantic getaway before heading down to get Georgia from camp. We spent time relaxing, catching up on work, and poking around downtown Austin. I wouldn’t necessarily plan a vacation around the Commodore Perry, but again, if you need to be in Austin, I can’t recommend it enough.

What To Do: Unlike Lake Austin Spa, this isn’t meant to be a “never leave the property” experience. The hotel is very well located to enjoy all the attractions that Austin offers and it’s conveniently close to UT. Think of it as your Austin base. Paul and I spent a lot of time reading and relaxing next to the beautiful pool as well as exploring the city. They don’t have a spa, but they partner with a company that does amazing in-room massages. I definitely suggest taking advantage of that!

For food, we did most breakfasts and lunches at the mansion on-property, which is for guests only. For dinner, I’d recommend Lutie’s, another restaurant at the hotel that’s open to the public. The food is great and the vibe is so fun. We also ate at Aba (delicious Mediterranean) and Fonda San Miguel. Book all restaurants in advance.

Logistics: Again, the hotel is conveniently located next to UT and downtown Austin. I was glad we had a car so we could easily do our own thing.

When To Go: You’ll get the best rates in the summer (off-season). If you’re going when UT is in session, be sure to plan around the big events like football games and graduation to avoid the more expensive rates (and massive crowds).

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