Mother’s Day Brunch

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I host the perfect Mother’s Day brunch, lunch, or even a snack. Since becoming a mother myself, I always request to eat out for Mother’s Day. I barely want to get out of my pajamas on the one glorious day of the year that’s “all about mom,” but I love spending time with my kids, (and who doesn’t love a good mimosa)- so we go out.

However, if you’re hosting at home for your own mother, grandmother or yourself, then get ready for some very pretty garden-themed Mother’s Day table inspiration.

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The whole concept for this tablescape came from a hand-painted screen that I picked up at an auction a few years ago. Sadly, I forgot about it, and it sat in our Please Be Seated warehouse for years, until a client happened to see it and request to use it for an event. I didn’t realize what a gem it was, until we dusted it off and opened it up after all this time. The hand-painted Gracie paper used on the screen is stunning, and it immediately made me want to host a garden party to show it off. Needless to say, this screen will not be going back to the warehouse.

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I selected the china, glassware and silverware next, which are all rental pieces from PBS, and then I went in search of napkins and paper goods to compliment the décor. If you often use your own china when you entertain (whether formal or informal), a great way to keep things “new and fresh” is to bring in different napkins. Instead of buying all new dishware or having to rent it, just invest in an array of napkins to help change things up. I found these beautiful hydrangea napkins at Wisteria on sale, and I plan to use them throughout the summer. They change out their napkin selection seasonally, so you can often find beautiful holiday-themed linen napkins there as well. This only applies to entertaining using “real plates” as opposed to paper plates, which is what I use most of the time. Many of my posts will focus on entertaining with paper products as they are affordable, easy to clean (aka throw away) and the selections are incredible (more about that later). However, for “big” holidays, no paper- just porcelain.

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As for the paper goods… I’m not always a fan of place cards, and I really don’t ever use them at family events. What I do like to add is something unique that can also be used as a keepsake, like these “Reasons I Love My Mother” cards. These beautiful cards act as gifts themselves for mom to read and keep for years to come. The older women in my family always preferred hand-made gifts, and this just keeps the tradition going (without having to finger paint). It’s the perfect Mother’s Day keepsake that also adds to the table décor. The cards were custom-created by Grace and Paper Designs to coordinate with the Gracie screen, and you can email “Grace” for invitations, place cards, holiday cards- you name it. She, like many others, is very talented, but “new” to the business, so she produces beautiful work at an affordable price.

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Last, but certainly not least, I called my dear friend Alex from FLWR Shop in Nashville, and asked if she would provide the flowers for our table. Her arrangements are literally works of art themselves, and if you follow them on Instagram (@flwrshop), you might think you’re looking at a Dutch painting, not one of their arrangements. She clearly knocked it out of the park with these flowers, which are soft, beautiful and classic. As a bonus, she included multiple arrangements for the table, so any and all of the other moms who might attend the brunch will go home with an arrangement as well. I’ll be keeping the biggest one of course. I love when décor has multiple uses, and at this table, both the cards and the flowers act as favors too. Two birds people. Two birds.

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I love Mother’s Day. It’s a sweet holiday without a ton of pressure put on anyone, or at least that’s how I feel about it! I’m honest with my husband ahead of time about what I “expect” for the day, which is usually just an hour or two to run out and get a mani/pedi. That, and not to have to worry about meals. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to eat out or pick-up pre-made food so there’s literally no cooking or cleaning involved. I’ll be posting soon about some BEYOND easy breakfast-in-bed suggestions, but other than that, I suggest picking up the phone and making a reservation at your favorite local spot (you need to book ahead for this one, just like Easter, as it’s a popular holiday to eat-out). You will soon discover, I’m the queen of reservations, and this holiday is perfect for dining out. So, if you don’t end up re-creating this table for Mother’s Day, no worries. It also works well for bridal luncheons or any other “girly” party you want to host!

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Charleston Farm Table, Hunt Linen Dining Chairs, and Hunt Linen Tufted Ottoman-Small: Please Be Seated Rentals

Flowers: FLWR Shop

Napkins: Wisteria

Mother’s Day Cards: Grace and Paper Designs

Mary & Georgia’s Tulle Skirts: Tutu Moi

Photography: Lele Fain Photography


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