Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My favorite holiday of the year since having children: Mother’s Day. Just kidding. It’s not my favorite, but I do love this “holiday,” and not because I like to celebrate myself (though let’s be honest, I don’t mind doing that), but because I love celebrating my mom and all my friends who are also mothers. I’m not going to get into all the reasons you should celebrate your mother or yourself, because my guess is that all of you reading this are mothers and now fully understand the joy, pain, blessings, sacrifices, tears and laughs involved with parenting. A simple phone call or text sharing your appreciation and love is all you need, but if you want to go that extra mile (and I love anything “extra”), then I’ve included my Mother’s Day gift guide below. Everything is under $100, and is something I’d love to receive myself. Being a mom to my two littles is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but it’s also by far the best job I’ve ever had. So to all the mothers out there… Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. If you’re like me, then almost every afternoon play-date at the house involves a glass of wine- especially with all this warmer weather. I’m a huge fan of shatter-free plastic that looks just as good as the real thing, and these monogrammed stemless wine glasses come in multiple colors, and can be monogrammed. They come in a set of four glasses, so it’s perfect for you and the other moms to enjoy outside while chasing after kids, dogs or enjoying a stroll down the block while the babysitter takes over- ha!


  1. I’ve completely lost count of how many times I’ve said to myself or outloud, “Oh my gosh, my mother was right about everything.” This cheeky dish towel is the perfect way to say “sorry” for ever acting up or not believing your mother was right!


  1. I LOVE using straw bags during the summer. I use them as purses, beach totes, picnic baskets and more. This darling straw tote comes in two sizes and can be monogramed in a chic font. It’s a classier version of the basic straw tote, and I promise you will carry it all the time!


  1. This jewelry box is new and involves three of my favorite things: bamboo, rattan and jewelry. It also comes in two sizes, so you can get mom one for travel, one for her home or both!


5/6. These pajamas are new to Nordstroms, and they are uber soft and affordable. I love how the pants are slightly cropped so they’re appropriate for summer, and they even offer shorts if you prefer them over the pants.


  1. I live in this robe. It’s blue and white stripe (one of my favorite combinations), and is appropriate for women of all ages. It’s great for warmer weather, and it pairs beautifully with #8.


  1. Another set of pajamas that are slightly sexier than #5/6. I own this set of pj’s and they are incredibly comfortable and also very flattering. I own the white set, which I pair with the #7 blue and white robe. Also a good price point for both pieces!


  1. I’m one of those people who need complete and total darkness to sleep. Thus, I always travel with an eye mask. IF you want to avoid wrinkles and look stylish while sleeping, then this monogrammed silk eye mask is for you- or mom!


  1. The fact that these slippers are super cute and a constant reminder to “RELAX,” (which I desperately need) make them a winner in my book. They also coordinate with all the pajamas on my list, so that’s a bonus too.


  1. If you and/or mom aren’t sleeping on a silk pillowcase, then you need to be. They are proven to help decrease wrinkles on your face over time, and they also help keep your hair from creasing. They definitely help my blowouts last longer… Need I say more??


  1. Who doesn’t love a good candle? Well this set comes with the most wonderfully scented candle, diffuser and spray. All at a great price!


  1. I’m OBSESSED with these new, rattan scalloped picture frames from the Aerin Collection at William Sonoma Home. Put a picture of your kids in there and it’s the perfect gift for mom or grandmother!


  1. This book is STUNNING and makes a fabulous coffee table book. My young daughter loves looking through all the images in our copy.


15/16. I love this brass and marble “bee board and spreaders” from William Sonoma.                 It’s the perfect gift to give with a bottle of wine to any “Queen Bee” in your life!


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