Not Your Mother’s Milkshake

I love a fun new dessert trend. Usually I’m not one for the word “trend,” but I do believe that serving dessert in a unique way or offering something unexpected, is a great way to enhance an event without too much extra effort or expense. For example, the donut wall. Genius. Kids love them (so do adults), and they add an extra element of décor that’s also super affordable (you can now even rent the walls that hold the donuts). Pinterest it people. It’s a “thing,” and I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty cute- especially at a party for kids.


This brings me to one of my new favorite dessert concepts- the “FreakShake.” One of my favorite caterers in town, Chef’s Market, offers the most decadent milkshake you can imagine. It’s guaranteed to bring all the “kids to the yard”… Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, it’s basically a milkshake on steroids.


Each FreakShake starts in a glass with a handle, because, trust me, by the time they’re finished making it, you’ll need some strong support to hold up the glass. The glass is also pre-chilled so that the next few steps actually work. They dip the rim of the glass in chocolate (white, milk or dark) and apply candy just like you would salt to the rim of a margarita. Then they use more chocolate as “glue” to stick on other treats like macaroons, cookies, chocolate candies in the shape of guitars (or any other object) to the glass.


Inside the glass, it’s not just a traditional mix of milk and ice cream. They add flavored syrups and even BOOZE if you want it! Yes, that’s right- Jack Daniels, Belle Meade Bourbon, etc. And if that isn’t enough, they top off each shake with a large cookie, donut or cupcake. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. How cute would it be to have a “FreakShake Station” at a birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, or wedding reception?!? I’m particularly obsessed with their original Nashville FreakShake, which is complete with Goo Goo Clusters, a chocolate guitar and of course Jack Daniels added in. It doesn’t get more “local” than that friends!

To contact Chef’s Market to cater your next event, call or email them at:

Phone: 615-851-2433


Photography by Lele Fain Photography

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