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I’ve come to find out that adults love roller skating as much as kids do. We’re also often just as horrible at roller skating as a child first learning. Yet, that doesn’t stop us, and it’s still a blast. And because Nashville experienced an unusually long and rainy winter, I’ve spent quite a lot of time at our local roller skating rink with my kids. The venue is older, so it’s still got retro décor (which is actually fabulous), and it’s clean, safe and offers affordable fun for all ages. Once I discovered that you can actually rent the entire space for private events, I decided to change things up a bit and host my 30-something birthday party there this year. Good, clean fun is what I’m all about y’all

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Now, I can’t have just a basic roller skating party, since I own a party rental company as well as this blog dedicated to entertaining. I wanted to amp it up a notch, so I went with a 70’s Roller Disco Party theme. The 70’s style seems to be trending at the moment, so it makes finding décor, clothing, accessories, etc. easier to find than it might normally be. Not to mention most of the clothes from the 70’s far surpass those of the 80’s and early 90’s, especially for women.

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So with some good old fashion online shopping, I put together what I like to think is a very easy, affordable and groovy party. I’ve included all my resources and vendors below, and I hope this inspires you to think outside the box when it comes to entertaining. As long as my knees still work and I look halfway decent with a spray-tan, I’m not going to settle for a dinner party every birthday. I’ll pretend to be “young” as long as I physically can!


For the paper-goods, I used my friends and talented designers, Nico & Lala. They can customize anything you want as far as invitations, napkins, plates, décor, etc., go. They also offer many fabulous pre-set designs that are more affordable than the custom route, and can be ordered immediately if you’re on a tight timeline. I love a chic one-stop shop for party supplies, and these ladies are just that! How darling are all my invites, cups, and napkins?!?

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For any rentals I needed, such as the bar, tables, lounge furniture, etc., I was excited to use pieces from Please Be Seated that I don’t normally use, such as my faux-leather silver sofa and chairs. I included glowing and mirror pieces, for a fun 70’s vibe. Not all my friends and their spouses wanted or could roller skate, so it was important for me to be sure there was adequate seating for everyone to comfortably lounge on during the party. You always want to think about ALL your guests’ needs and accommodate as many people as possible.

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For food, we kept things simple, as no one was expecting anything fancy at the rink, and sometimes you just can’t get any better than pizza and hotdogs. We opened the snack bar for our guests to order whatever they wanted, and then we picked up the final tab after. Let me tell you, it doesn’t cost very much to provide everyone with pizza, hotdogs and nachos! There were “unlimited” sodas available and we had a cooler for beer and wine that we didn’t go overboard with as adults who are roller skating don’t mix well lots of booze. We didn’t want any late-night trips to the E.R. from my event.



The dessert table was one of my most favorite things to put together. My first call was to one of my favorite bakers in town, Copper Whisk Cakes. She made the most delicious oreo/caramel cake with matching mini cupcakes. A lot of my friends will not eat a huge slice of cake (like I will), but they will eat a mini cupcake or two. She nailed the design, and it was a true showpiece! My second call was to my dear friend who own the Nashville Soft Pretzel Company. Though he specializes in soft pretzels, he can do just about anything when it comes to food. Instead of a cheese board, I asked him to make me a “candy board,” to indulge my inner child. The result was a beautiful and delicious tray (yes we used those plastic trays like you see in a middle school lunch room) full of candy, cookies and more. This was one of the biggest hits of the night. This was a creative and easy touch to our dessert offerings, and, we were all skating around on a sugar-high by the end of the event.


As for the rest of the party décor, I scoured the web for blow-up microphones, glow stick jewelry, glasses and more so that everyone was encouraged to grab a prop and have a great time. The result, was one fabulous night of skating, eating and celebrating with some of my favorite people in the world!

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