Spring Tablescape with Fete Nashville

Pull out your parasol and crumpets, because today’s post is so southern and “old-fashioned- chic” you just might swoon. If Scarlet O’Hara was alive (and real) today, I’m pretty sure she’d be proud to dine at this table. This is why I love living in the south ya’ll. Chinoiserie and toile are alive and well, and when used correctly, are simply divine. Today’s post also shows one of the many reasons you should work with a professional event planner/ designer, because if this hadn’t been executed correctly, our tablescape might’ve looked like a bad day at maw-maw’s outdated cottage. In my line of work, I’m fortunate enough to work with so many awesome wedding/event designers and coordinators, and I realize I’m spoiled. There are so many talented people in the event biz across the country, and I think people forget that you can hire them to help with smaller events as well as larger ones. As a delegator, you must realize your strengths and weaknesses- aka, when you really need help and when you don’t. But if you can afford it, and you’re capable of handing over control (let’s be honest, this is hard for most of us), then when it comes to hosting an event that requires more than just a bowl of Chik-Fil-A nuggets and a gallon of sweat tea, call in the pro’s.


This leads me to introducing you to my dear friend (and client), Sara Fried, of Fete Nashville. Sara is not only an amazing event planner, but she’s an amazing person, and we had the best time producing this photoshoot with her. She called in some of our favorite Nashville-based vendors (though of course they can work anywhere) to create this sweet, southern tablescape at Homestead Manor in Columbia, TN.


Thankfully, (per usual) my daughter Georiga was willing to “model” for us. My husband is starting to worry we’re going to become those “toddler people”- which I think he means “Toddler’s and Tiara’s people.” Let me ASSURE you, this is never going to happen. My daughter loves dressing up in her fanciest dresses and spending a day with mommy “at work,” and we have so much fun with it all. I’m not a stage mom, nor do I ever plan to be one, and I’ll leave it at that. However, she of course was adorable, and added the perfect whimsical touch to the shoot. She also ate all the macaroons and about 3 pieces of cake that had been used for styling, and thus was rolling around in the grass by the end of the day and completely falling apart. Still, totally worth it. I mean, look at her?!?


Once Sara came up with a concept for the table and selected a beautiful and interesting linen from La Tavola Linen, one of the top linen rental companies in the country, I knew I wanted to “dust off” the vintage Gracie screen again for a backdrop. All of the patterns played so wonderfully together, and we wanted to show something interesting and different. Sara then selected the china, glassware, silverware and chairs from Please Be Seated to match. The result speaks for itself.


We knew who to call for flowers, FLWR Shop of course, and it took very little explanation for them to understand the concept and nail the floral design for the table. I mean, once again, the flower arrangement looks like something out of a Dutch painting, and every arrangement they produce elevates a tablescape.


Last, but certainly not least, Sara wanted to create paper goods that coordinated with the table to show how a design can be expertly carried from the start of a party (invitations) to the end (the menu cards, etc.). Sara brought in Tenn Hens Design, and if you don’t know these ladies, you need to immediately. They create the most incredible custom paper products you will ever see, and they’re both adorable and fun to work with to boot. Their chinoiserie-inspired invitation suite leaves me weak in the knees. Can we even talk about the floral envelope liner?!?! They carried the same design through to the menu cards, which adds the perfect touch of print to each place setting. These designs are one-of-a-kind, and they are the type of detail that people actually remember from an event. I love everything about these women’s style and how they work with clients. Beautiful work and beautiful people.


Wrapping things up, I hope this table makes you happy like it does for all of us involved. Austin Gros, our incredibly talented photographer captured the details so perfectly, and this table is meant to inspire you and make you happy… I also hope it encourages you to play with patterns, or, at least TRUST your planner to do so, since they usually know what they’re doing… Right, Sara?!?

Event Planner: Sara Fried of Fete Nashville

Table Linen: La Tavola Linen

Rentals: Please Be Seated

Flowers: FLWR Shop

Paper Goods: Tenn Hens Design

Photography: Austin Gros

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