Summer Delegating & Re-Using What You Own

I’m a firm believer that the colors red, white and blue can be used all summer long and not just on national holidays. Of course they’re perfect for patriotic parties, but I love the color-combo for other events, especially anything coastal-themed. Thus, when I headed to Watercolor, Florida for a summer family trip, I grabbed all my dinnerware from my 4th of July BBQ to restyle it for a seaside supper.


Now, let’s not get too excited- I wasn’t planning to do any of the cooking, just the table decorating. Thankfully my new friend (and the mother of my daughter’s best) Brandon Kadish (who also is a fabulous blogger), was happy to share the hosting responsibilities and cook our meal.

Brandon is a woman after my own heart who likes to keep things easy and simple, which she applied to dinner. So while I was busily putting down plates and napkin rings, she was putting together a delicious (but not overly complicated) supper. It was the perfect team-effort. But back to what I know best, the table decor…


For my recent 4th of July BBQ, which you can see here, I used my enamelware collection from Crow Canyon Home. I love the blue and red spatterware, which is durable, easy to clean and perfect for outdoor dining if you wish to dine al fresco. I re-used it here, but this time combined it with melamine faux paper plates from Target (you could totally use real paper plates with them if you want to keep things super casual). I also used more of my Hester & Cook red-checked paper table runner, which I still had plenty of left over from the BBQ (it comes on a large roll, which is awesome) to help anchor the table with color. I was thrilled for the chance to re-use these items and enjoy them again so soon after my 4th of July BBQ.


As for the new additions to the table… I splurged on the fabulous shell-rimmed chargers from Pottery Barn, which were $17 on sale. However, I will keep these forever, and they totally “make” the table. The starfish place card holders are also from Pottery Barn and were on sale. All the other decor pieces that I added were very affordable. The paper napkins are from Caspari (one of my favorite paper plate and napkin resources), and I used plastic silverware to keep costs down and make for an easy clean-up. The napkin rings and small porcelain shells (perfect for soy sauce or cocktail sauce) are from Amazon and very inexpensive, but such a fun addition to the table. I threw some white hydrangeas from Publix into the perfect sea urchin vase (which Brandon just happened to own), and our dinner table was complete. This seaside supper was easy, pretty and fun, but of course the best part of the night was spending time with friends over a good meal. Hope y’all are enjoying your summer as well!


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