Baha Mar Bummer

Okay, so to start this post, I need establish a few things with you. First, I’m not a professional travel planner, and I certainly don’t pretend to be one. Everything shared here is just my opinion from experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to have over the years. These are not exhaustive reviews/critiques, but hopefully theContinue reading “Baha Mar Bummer”

Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving

I absolutely LOVE entertaining family for Thanksgiving, but the thought of actually cooking the meal gives me hives. It’s not like a casual casserole will do…Thanksgiving dinner is basically the Olympics of cooking. HOWEVER, just because I don’t actually cook or bake doesn’t mean I can’t provide (aka order) a traditional Thanksgiving feast. There areContinue reading “Delegate Dinner: Thanksgiving”

Destination Delegation: NASHVILLE

OK, y’all – this is my second Nashville guide in as many years because this city keeps growing! I can barely keep up with it all, but I really do think this updated list has something for everyone. Since I’m something of a unicorn these days – aka, a born and bred Nashvillian – I’veContinue reading “Destination Delegation: NASHVILLE”

Delegate the Tablescape: Late Summer Entertaining

Thank you to Freshly Set and etúHOME for sponsoring this post.  Late summer is one of my favorite times of year. September gives us the perfect balance of sunny days and hints of fall, setting the ideal scene for outdoor entertaining. Leave it to me to judge seasons by their “party potential,” but I doContinue reading “Delegate the Tablescape: Late Summer Entertaining”

Delegate Dinner – Oyster Edition

Let me start out here with total honesty- I’m not an oyster fan. However, just about everyone I know enjoys them, and since we’re on the cusp of “oyster season,” I decided to share the resources that my nearest and dearest have shared with me. After all, I’m all about “delegating dinner” and with theContinue reading “Delegate Dinner – Oyster Edition”

Delegate The Closet – Expert Q&A with Personal Stylist Carson Love

While I’ve definitely NOT worn real clothes every day this summer, this weird time HAS made me rethink my wardrobe. Like many of y’all, I’ve felt the urge to clean out my closet, reorganize things, and create new outfits from the pieces I already own. Luckily, I’ve been able to delegate (angels singing) a lotContinue reading “Delegate The Closet – Expert Q&A with Personal Stylist Carson Love”

Delegate the Details – Outdoor Entertaining with Yellow, Blue & White Decor

Thank you to Frances Valentine and Tuckernuck for sponsoring this post. Even though it’s officially 700 degrees here in Nashville, my family is spending a lot of time outside. As we ease back into entertaining in small groups, I think a lot of us are hosting outdoors for an extra measure of safety. With thatContinue reading “Delegate the Details – Outdoor Entertaining with Yellow, Blue & White Decor”

Delegate Design – Expert Q&A with Minnette Jackson Interiors

Our Expert Q&A series continues with interior designer Minnette Jackson (Instagram: @MinnetteJacksonInteriors). Minnette is based in Houston but has strong Nashville ties: she went to Vanderbilt and started her design career in Music City (click here for a peek of her fabulous home in Belle Meade). She’s wonderfully talented and helped me with many spaces in our old house, including the dining and living room. Minnette’s interiors are all about classicContinue reading “Delegate Design – Expert Q&A with Minnette Jackson Interiors”

Delegate the Mess – Expert Q&A With The Neat Method Nashville

Well, this pandemic is raging on and we’re spending more time at home than we ever thought possible. Luckily, Holly Trepka of Nashville’s NEAT Method is next in our Expert Q&A series (note that NEAT Method has locations all over the US and Canada). She’s a home organization genius and full of ideas for whippingContinue reading “Delegate the Mess – Expert Q&A With The Neat Method Nashville”

Delegating Dinner – Mary’s Favorite Dishes To-Go

We all know I don’t cook, so it makes sense that I have an arsenal of carryout options in heavy rotation. Lately I’ve relied on these even more than usual as we’ve been stuck at home, and I reached the end of my rope with dishes somewhere around April 1. Of course, I’m still Mrs.Continue reading “Delegating Dinner – Mary’s Favorite Dishes To-Go”