Home Overview & Resources

Ok y’all – I’ve finally consolidated all of the details about our “new” home into one, centralized post. I say “new” in quotes because we’ve already lived here for almost a year, which is so hard to believe. I’ve loved sharing our house with you on Instagram, and it’s definitely one of the things I’mContinue reading “Home Overview & Resources”

Delegate the Décor – Bridgerton-Inspired Tea (aka “I Burn For You” Tea)

*This post includes affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission on purchases made through them.* It goes without saying that Bridgerton took the world by storm and my obsession remains strong. Like everyone, I love the costumes, the gorgeous interiors, looking at the Duke, and taking in all of the fabulous party scenes. WhenContinue reading “Delegate the Décor – Bridgerton-Inspired Tea (aka “I Burn For You” Tea)”


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